what does she say….???

What does she say….???

Decipher the word that the mouth is saying with the guidance of the morse code. A kiss corresponds to a dot. A smile corresponds to a dash.

You are looking for a 5 letter word.

If you think you have found the correct word drop us a line at info@limbicproductions.com

Good luck!!!

This game was designed as part of I spy with my little eye...  showcased at the Bush Theatre  in association with Theatre Delicatesen, 2012










March 9th, 2014


I spy with my little eye….


I spy with my little eye…
was showcased as part of the Bush Bazaar in August 2012 a performance market concept curated by Theatre Delicatessen at The Bush Theatre. Invited to play at their own leisurely pace the audience  sketched melodies, deciphered codes, cracked quizzes and shared stories. Many returned to the space on various occasions to work their way through the selection of games or to re-visit their favourite one.


Narrow Way Playground


Narrow Way Playground

As part of the Hackney Regeneration programme 2014 we created 4 game structures, which were placed along the Narrow Way, in Hackney Central.

Accessible to the public to play as they passed by, the game structures included