Art workshops for people with Dementia

In conjunction to our creative and research work around dementia we have devised a series of art workshop programmes run for people with dementia.

We take a person centered approach, aiming to see the person with dementia as an individual, rather than focusing on their illness or on abilities that they may have lost.

Using a variety of creative tools including crafting, object handling, photography, singing, poetry drawing, drama and even cooking our workshops aim to:

  • Stimulate memory and provide a different means of communication to people with dementia by engaging all of their senses.
  • Enable people with dementia to maintain relationships and be socially included despite of their cognitive decline.
  • Raise the person with dementia’s confidence in their abilities and demonstrate to carers what their loved ones might still be able to accomplish.
  • Provide the possibility for activities and means of engagement to be transferred to the home environment.


    We work on a regular basis with Resonate Arts, whose programme ranges from group sessions in community settings to one-to-one interventions for people living in their own homes. Working across the arts their activities are designed to enhance and compliment individual care plans, and help people to feel part of their wider community.

    We are also currently establishing partnerships outside London that will allow us to roll out a programme that includes intergenerational work, day-trips encompassing holiday themes and events that celebrate the areas and participants history.

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    Musical Memory Boxes

    Musical Memory Boxes was run as part of Resonate programme at the Pullen Day Centre.
    Each week the group made something for their memory box based on a different aspect of their personal histories. Run by Iris Musel and writer Sarah Lott, the sessions were full of poetry, stories and singing.
    The boxes were showcased at the V&A Open day symposium around dementia, exhibited as part of Snapshot exhibition at Chelsea Theatre and at the Westminster Archives.