Genesis Lab

Genesis Lab is a platform hosted to showcase experiments and interesting concepts by high profile companies, educational institutions, engineers, scientists, artists and designers. Depending on the platform the aim for the lab is that is has an educational, creative, public engagement and/or a promotional value. Bringing together inspiring people and cutting edge ideas the objective of the lab is to always stimulate new conversations and relationships, continuously strengthening the network that surrounds it.

Produced in collaboration with Soulsound and in partnership with PLASA, we’ve successfully run the lab representing organisations such as D&B, Function One, KLANG, HD Pro Audio, University of Derby, Southhampton Solent University, PreeVue, Projection Artworks, Barco, J&C Joel, Sound Directions and many others.

Experiments we have featured have amongst others manipulated binaural soundscapes, used delay to create level and movement changes, experienced rainbows and spectra, explored theatre spaces with VR, toyed with 3D projections, played with axe heads and horns and got transferred to a magical environment via a “Brain Transfer Machine” – 3D Sound Through Tissue Conduction.

If you want to run a lab or present an experiment at one of our events please contact either Iris at or Darryn at

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