Hackney Village Board Game

Hackney Village Board Game was commissioned by Hackney Council as part of their Cultural Programme run from June till December 2013. The cultural programme was implemented as part of a wider regeneration programme in the area, which included pedestrianising the Narrow Way for a six-month trial period.

The aim of Hackney Village Board Game was to create a game, which would lead participants from one shop into another. Shops and Cafes partaking as well as public areas each represented a square on the board game marked by a number and an image.  The game could be joined at its marked starting point by rolling a dice-wheel that would determine which square the player was to move to. Each square in turn had a game or rule attached to it that would determine the player’s progression. Spread across the Narrow Way, the game offered a good introduction to the area as a whole. At the same time by moving across the playing field in an unpredictable manner, it led players into shops that they might not have been familiar with before.

Games placed in each shop were inspired by what the shop was selling. The games were designed to either have the players roam and look around the shop and/or put emphasis on a product or an obvious feature of a product.  As such the aim was to bring awareness to unique retail features, highlight quirky characteristics and bring appreciation to the distinctive atmosphere each shop carried.

Where appropriate we shared fun historical facts about the Narrow Way, such as the long standing history of the Mermaid Tavern, once located where you now find Mermaid Fabrics; the river Brook, now flowing underground, past Hackney Overground Station down Morning Lane all the way to Hackney Wick; or the fact that the London Black Cab also termed Hackney cab, takes its origin from the area.  

Throughout the game players also collected puzzle pieces, with the player collecting the most puzzle pieces during the 2-week period in which the game could be joined wining a prize. Collating the puzzle pieces on the last day, the puzzle was built depicting an image interpreting how we love Hackney as it is known to us today, drawn by a local artist Daniel Francis.

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You gottta..puzzle