Interactive Video and Sound Interfaces

Working closely with specialists Eric Samothrakis and Yacine Sebti the company has developed interactive interface games by which illuminated gadgets given to the audience have a direct impact on sonic and visual outcomes.

The games below were developed as part of Little Pascal.

With Eric Samothrakis as one of the core members of Limbic Productions, the company integrates interface technology into a wide range of its work. See Drawing Sound as another example


 Following the rules of the tangram puzzle, the audience arrange geometrical shapes to match different designs projected on the floor. Tracked via infrared camera, as they master the predesigned patterns a melody rings and the shape starts to flicker indicating that they have accomplished the task correctly. 


Audience members sit in a circle, by passing a juggling ball around in a specific order, which they need to discover, they trigger a sequence of sound clips that will ultimately lead to the creation of a musical composition.


Using pressure sensitive sensors 8 participants need to synchronise their steps to control 8 individual music samples. To help them video projection on the floor lead the choreography.