Little Pascal

Little Pascal is influenced by the similarities found in our childhood memories as well as symbolism that we can associate certain emotions to. The further the association to these emotions go into the past, the more they relate to a memory that cannot be recounted clearly but is often connected to our senses, like a pungent smell or a calming melody, a sweet taste or tingling touch or even just a familiar surrounding.

The piece explores the idea of how we respond to these different stimuli in our adult life, how they can sometimes bring about a clear recollection of a past experience and other times induce overwhelming sensations that have no rational explanation at all. It does this by stimulating the audience’s senses throughout the piece inviting different reactions to each incitement fluctuating from curiosity, excitement and play to tension, disappointment, and unease.


From the outset of the piece the audience become active participants. Welcoming them into a cosy home environment, a simple movement triggers the piece into motion.

As the first event unfolds they are prompted to complete a task, following a sequence of activities they need to achieve.
Some pursuits are to be challenged as a group others are to be manoeuvred by only one participant at a time creating both a personalised as well as a shared experience. Where most actions follow a coherent succession, other contraptions are activated by chance, slightly altering the piece every time it is presented.


Each discovery encountered narrates a story of its own, instigated via multifarious contrivances and accentuated by the diverse artistic mediums used to create the piece. As simple mechanisms are applied to devices operated by the audience, flicking switches, pulling strings and winding keys, the laws of physics aid in engineering set and prop pieces to move independently.

Dancing with puppets, walking with camels and travelling through the space on a hot air balloon, we see objects, elude, transform and reveal hidden riches. Video projection mapping tools turn surfaces into dynamic visual displays, attaining a constant interplay between artefacts and multimedia imagery. Film, animation and photographic works are intermittently projected around the room, depicting family portraits, fairy tale creatures, and metamorphosed animations that bring objects alive.
A play of light enhances the mood, whilst an assortment of aromas and multifaceted soundscapes transcend the audience further into the immersive experience.

Please download the Little Pascal Information Pack for more information.

Also visit Interactive Video and Sound Interfaces developed as part of this project.

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The initial R&D phase for Little Pascal was supported by The Arts Council England, European Cultural Foundation, iMAL, DanceDigital and Goldsmiths University.