I spy with my little eye…
was showcased as part of the Bush Bazaar in August 2012 a performance market concept curated by Theatre Delicatessen at The Bush Theatre. Invited to play at their own leisurely pace the audience  sketched melodies, deciphered codes, cracked quizzes and shared stories. Many returned to the space on various occasions to work their way through the selection of games or to re-visit their favourite one.

Running for three weeks, many tasks had the nature of leaving a trace of what the participants created. This included a never-ending story, personal voice recordings and a masterpiece painting.  Please see the transcribed digital format of these below.

To play one of the games that where part of the installation visit What does she say…..


Leave a Message

Providing a quiet haven and a place to cool down on a hot summer night, we invited the audience to step into our cupboard, close the door behind them and leave us a message. Out of hours worth of recording we have compiled a 2.30min snippet to listen to.



Never Ending Story

“Upon hearing these words, the Easter bunny slowly reached into his basket where he found a snake. The snake hissed at the bunny and said…”

Only being able to read the last section of what was written, participants where invited to write and add to the never ending story.  In following the link below you will be able to read what our audience wrote over the three week period the show was running.



Sea Serpent 

The Sea Serpent (or Seeschlange) by the artists Friedensreich Hundertwasser, was re-created five times over the three weeks run, by following a series of steps. Starting by rolling dice, the audience had to pick the card corresponding with the number of the rolled dice. The character on the card had to then be found on a  slide-lampshade. Each slide had a coordinate (letter and number) and a unique squared image on it. Taking the slide and projecting it onto the wall, the squared image was then drawn on to the blackboard in the coordinates written on the slide.What was created was the image as seen below.

(To see all five images just click on the image)

Hundertwasser 1

Big thank you to Sam Agnew, Joaquin Rodriguez San Pedro, Jorge Crecis, Antonio de La Fe, Mariana Camiloti, Giuliana Majo, Hana Turkova, Daura Hernandez-Garcia, Petra Garcia-Febles, Pedro Hernandez-Fuentes, Eres Herandez-Garcia, Christopher Reeve, Kaily Fox and Zoe Plumb for posing infront of our cameras, and to Rory Van Rooyen, Christian Bros and Lucie Hansom for the generous time they put in driving vans, sawing shelves and PAT testing equipment for us.

I spy with my little eye photos

To see a short trailer of the show please visit I spy with my little eye…trailer