A sense of Wonder

A sense of Wonder explores how the perception of vision and sound may change for people with dementia.

A concept particularly interesting in relation to vision and sound is how its perception can often be either heightened or dampened in dementia. Amongst other topics the installation will look at how depth perception or the contrast in colours might influence how an object is perceived; or how the dysfunction in identifying the difference in tone, pitch or timbre, might influence the ability in knowing where a sound is located in space.

A sense of Wonder will also draw attention to the fact that in some forms of dementia people experience hallucinations. With a negative stigma attached to hallucinations in relations to mental illness, we hope to open up conversations on the subject area that brings about a better understanding and acceptance.

The installation will employ the trickery of illusions as well as a high level of interface technology to alter people’s state of perception. Wandering in a state of wonder, participants will be immersed in a space where they will be asked to interact with distinct art, video and sound pieces at their own chosen pace. How they navigate through the space will be central to the experience, as their placement and timing dictates their perception of the visual and sound cues presented to them.


Perception is...